Copywriting – contemporary work examples

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 01 – April 2001

Raspberry & Peaches
Why do we seem to find it so difficult to persuade people to experience the arts? Could it be that we are not talking to people in the right way? Almost all audience members need straightforward answers to three straightforward questions: What is it about? What is it like? How am I going to feel when I experience it? In a bid to get us all communicating appropriately, JAM brings you a range of PEACHES to aim for and RASPBERRIES to avoid.
A Big Raspberry to…
The three day contemporary music festival taking place in March in three different towns which refuses to give potential audience members a single word of description of any of the pieces, just the composer and title. We need to tell people what the music will be like, so another raspberry to the leaflet for Jocelyn Pook, which, despite offering in very tiny print (and sideways) a sampler CD, restricts itself to biographical information and name dropping like this…
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