Copywriting – risky work

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 03 – October 2001

Raspberry & Peaches
How do you signal to the readers of your season brochure that this event is seriously weird? You want to encourage them to take risks but you’d rather not have half the audience stomping out in a huff. Peaches and cream for these copywriters who have been working towards some solutions.
Peaches and Cream…
You can be up front – this gig from Edinburgh’s independent music festival Planet Pop may be harmful to your health …
Only for the true believers … Huckleberry’s blaring Hammond organ, fuzzed-up guitars and heavyweight rhythm section go straight for the heart, blowing your eardrums along the way.
Or, like the Barbican, you can issue an irresistible challenge to your audience:
Feeling pretty confident about contemporary dance? Know your way around? Bring it on. It’s time to leave the comfort zone. i said i shatters everything you ever thought about dance and dancers. Bizarre, breathtaking and as full-on as you can get: expect to go home and rest afterwards…
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