Copywriting – frequently asked questions

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 08 – April 2003

Open to Persuasion
Frequently asked questions
Imagine you’ve got just 20 minutes to answer ten arts marketers’ questions about copywriting. Then imagine doing that three or four times in a row. I enjoyed the round table sessions at both the AMA conference in July and last month’s Scottish Arts Marketers Forum but they aren’t easy.
Some questions came up again and again, clearly of concern to lots of us. Here’s what we thought round those round tables:
I’m writing boring copy – how can I get out of the rut?
Pin up a picture of someone from your target group, torn from a magazine. Talk to them. Persuade them to get involved in your event. Good copy is conversational so write down exactly what you say. Many arts marketers talk good copy but the moment they pick up a pen turn phrases like ‘Call us on 01223 578078 to get your tickets’ into ‘Tickets are available from the box office on 01223 578078’.
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