Copywriting – writing process

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 16 – January 2005

Open to Persuasion
The words we use to describe the events we put on are crucial. If you are marketing on a shoestring they are your most important marketing tool. Whether we are writing copy or talking face-to-face with potential attenders, we need to use words that persuade. If we don’t, then we waste precious resources on marketing communications that simply won’t work. Words don’t cost money. But they do cost time and that’s often just as precious. So how can we make deciding what to say less time-consuming (and less painful)?
Know what you are talking about
You can’t be persuasive if you don’t feel confident you know what you are talking about. The participants in the AMA’s recent Do the Write Thing copywriting seminars pinned down the problem nicely: they get copy from their curators/artistic directors/choreographers/visiting companies that even they don’t understand. How can they hope to turn it into something that communicates effectively with their audiences? Together we came up with some solutions…
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