Museum marketing – objects or experience

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Objects or inspiration: should museums focus on marketing the collection or the experience?
Heather Maitland
Here’s how two local museums in the UK introduce themselves to potential visitors:
“Grantham Museum interprets the archaeology and history of this market town and includes Sir Isaac Newton, the Dambusters and Margaret Thatcher.”
“A ‘hands on’ museum for all the family. Full of fun activities for kids, fascinating facts for adults and, for the not so young, a chance to share some cherished memories! Come and discover Rochdale’s past and, perhaps, shape its future”
One focuses on the collection and the other on the experiences visitors can expect.
The reason that someone goes to a museum or art gallery is to experience the art on the wall or the artifacts in the display case – without the objects, there would be no experience. But usually visitors don’t talk about those things when they describe why they enjoyed the exhibition…
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