Visual arts market

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 19 – October 2005

Visual Arts: tapping the potential
Research published by Arts Council England (ACE) last year revealed that there is potential to more than double the market for original art. In Taste Buds: how to cultivate the art market (2004), Morris Hargreaves MacIntyre found that 12% of residents in England were existing buyers of original art but that 15% aspired to buy but had not yet done so. Research also shows that we could almost double the number of gallery and exhibition attenders. The Scottish Arts Council’s research Audiences at Scottish Arts Council Core Funded Visual Arts Organisations indicated that 43% of the population of Scotland said they would consider visiting an art gallery or exhibition but only 57% of these actually attend…
All of this means that in the United Kingdom there are potentially an extra 9 million purchasers of original art and 11 million gallery and exhibition attenders. So how can we tap into this huge potential market for the visual arts?
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