More for less – developing arts marketing practice

Arts Professional: Essential audiences 30 January 2006

More for Less
Heather Maitland reflects on what arts marketers can do to introduce new ideas and practice
How open are you to new ideas for developing your audiences, visitors or participants?
For many of the arts marketers I meet, this is a pointless question. They don’t have time even to think about doing anything new. Colleagues involved in training or consultancy tell me that they too often have their carefully thought-through recommendations for getting bigger and broader audiences greeted by something very like panic. This raises two questions. Why do these arts marketers feel under so much pressure? And what can they – and their managers – do about it?
The problem is that there are so many tasks that marketers could be doing to get people involved in an arts event or activity. And there are so many events. Marketers feel guilty that they aren’t doing every activity for every event…
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