International partnerships

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 22 – July 2006

Developing International Collaborations
Heather Maitland has recently been delving into the world of international relationships and offers advice based on what she has found
Anne Roberts and I have been researching consortia for a forthcoming book commissioned by the touring department of Arts Council England. Those we spoke to said that collaborative working across borders can offer myriad benefits to group members both when importing (bringing work from overseas into the UK) or exporting (taking UK work abroad). This is the advice they gave us.
Finding partners
First, consider carefully what you want to achieve by joining a group, both as an individual and on behalf of your organisation.
Find a group that sounds as if it might help you achieve those aims. There are plenty of resources designed to encourage cross-border partnerships but that does not mean that finding partners and building relationships with them is easy…
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