Impact of media coverage

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 25 – April 2007

Media coverage: why bother
Heather Maitland delves into some research about the effects of media coverage
You may not have to pay for media coverage but it still costs because getting it is so time consuming. So why invest all that time and energy?
Politicians are understandably interested in whether media coverage works. Pippa Norris explored how the media affects the way people vote in her analysis of the 2005 General Election. She looked at the direct effects of communications on the priority voters placed on particular campaign issues, the way they altered people’s attitudes regarding the performance of the government and the competence of party leaders, their influence on voting choice and on whether people turned out to vote at all.
Of course, there’s no point in asking people straight out what media most influenced their vote. People are unlikely to be aware of the complex range of influences shaping their political beliefs and perceptions. The project researched the political beliefs and attitudes of nearly 3,000 people both before and after the election. It then looked at whether changes were consistently associated with people who had used particular communication channels…
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