Email campaigns

Journal of Arts Marketing Issue 27 – October 2007

Let’s walk before we run
Heather Maitland investigates how we are getting on with our e-mailing campaigns
Last autumn, my colleague, Beth Aplin, joined 13 venues’ email lists to see what happened. Although she was playing the role of a dance enthusiast, just five venues sent her relevant emails at an appropriate frequency. She got nothing at all from five venues and one venue sent her an average of two emails a week about everything from kids’ shows to musicals.
We hear a lot about the excellent results achieved by some of our colleagues but many of us aren’t getting the basics of email marketing right.
The research is clear and consistent. Email marketing works because it is low cost, easy to do and is customisable. Unfortunately, much of what we send out is ineffective because we ignore that third essential factor. Like any form of permission marketing, email must be ‘anticipated, personal and relevant’…
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