Partnerships with community groups

Arts Professional: Essential Audiences 19 November 2007

The art of collaboration
Heather Maitland considers the sometimes tricky relationships between arts practitioners and their partners, and offers some tips for keeping professional relationships on the right track
When did you last check the health of your relationship? Here’s a litmus test, Cosmo quiz style:
You like Top Gear and your partner likes cookery programmes. What do you do?
a) ¨ Give your partner the channel changer – it’s more peaceful that way
b) ¨ Give your partner the channel changer – they’ll owe you one
c) ¨ Give your partner the channel changer – but refuse to talk to them for the rest of the evening
d) ¨ Buy another TV.

Buying that extra TV sounds like a simple solution, but is it really such a good idea to be sitting in separate rooms all evening? In a healthy relationship the give and take goes almost unnoticed. So how do we create work partnerships where the compromises necessary for collaboration come as easily?
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